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Since 1987, Healthexcel has designed highly individualized Metabolic Typing® programs for health professionals and their patients.

  1. The Metabolic Typing Diet    "BASIC" Program - " The Metabolic Typing Diet, " published by Doubleday, January 2000, 420 pages, available in bookstores everywhere and online . For the first time the complete philosophy of Metabolic Typing® is revealed to the public. The book also contains a Metabolic Typing® self-test that allows the reader to identify his or her general Metabolic Type® category and follow the appropriate Metabolic Type® dietary recommendations as well as additional self-tests to further customize the diet. For more information about " The Metabolic Typing Diet, " see

  2. "ADVANCED" Program - Available only through a Healthexcel certified Metabolic Typing® Advisor and includes consulting. Comprised of a more extensive computer-based questionnaire analysis that reveals your Autonomic, Oxidative, Endocrine and Blood Type as well as your Dominant System (AUTONOMIC - Sympathetic, Balanced, Parasympathetic, or OXIDATIVE - Fast Oxidation, Mixed Oxidation, Slow Oxidation). This highly individualized program goes far beyond the Basic and Intermediate Programs, providing a 20 page report and 10 page diet plan for the Metabolic Type® , as well as extensive lifestyle information specific to success with the program. It is designed to be a "metabolic balancing program." View the Advanced online data entry form here .

Advanced Program
(Requires a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor)


Available only through a Certified Healthexcel Metabolic Typing Advisor. Requires consultation sessions and guidance by a Certified Metabolic Typing Advisor. Comprised of an internet-based, computer-analyzed questionnaire that reveals the status of 4 Fundamental Homeostatic Control Systems and Dominant System: The Advanced Program provides: